We seek to provide the best tracking experience for you and your customers

Trackr is the result of many years of experience, hard work, and dedication of talented team. We understand how crucial post-purchase experience is for the overall customer satisfaction, and keep improving our product every single day to make e-commerce merchants‘ lives easier.

Our goal is to provide Shopify store owners with an intuitive, easy to use tracking page that meets their customers‘ expectations. Not only meets, but exceeds, too, while helping businesses save time, boost customer retention, and build brand loyalty and trust.

By collecting shipping data from hundreds of different carriers around the world, Trackr is able to provide customers with the most recent and detailed information about their orders on a specific Shopify store. We are proud and happy to say that our clients have already tracked nearly 10.000.000 parcels globally, and this number is increasing daily.

Therefore, our customer support team is always ready to help with any issue that might occur along the way. We pay exceptional attention to customer service and work tirelessly to ensure the best experience to our clients and their customers.