7 Examples of Stunning Order Tracking Pages Design

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7 Examples of Stunning Order Tracking Pages Design

As an ecommerce business owner, your relationship with your customers is not limited to their purchases. This means it's all about developing and improving the customer experience until their order is delivered or even beyond.

If you provide a good shopping experience, your customers will return to your online store again and again. One of the ways to establish strong long-term relationships with your customers is to provide them with the ability to track their orders in real-time.

Most emails and text messages go unread, while emails and SMS with order tracking are the most highly anticipated by customers. In fact, order tracking emails have the highest open rate, around 65%. These statistics clearly show the key role of this interaction. In addition, they lead to real-time order tracking pages, where customers awaiting their online purchase receive complete information about their orders.

What is Shopify order tracking page?

Shopify order tracking page is a dedicated page that allows customers to track their online orders in real time. As a rule, the tracking page contains the following information: shipping date, expected delivery date, and real-time order status.

In eCommerce, order tracking plays a significant role in improving the customer experience during the order fulfillment process. If your customers are worried about when their order will be delivered, you can simply send them a link to the order tracking page in your store. This will keep them informed and reduce their stress about where their order is, when it will be delivered, and in case of any delays or exceptions.

93% of online customers say they want to stay informed and receive regular updates on their shipments. Quite a huge number, isn’t it?

What should a great ecommerce order tracking page look like?

What makes a great order tracking page?

A great order tracking page will let you know when your order will ship and when you can expect it to arrive at your doorstep, with accurate, up-to-date information, as well as with some attractive offers that will encourage you to buy more.

Let's take a look at all the important details.

  • Company brand.

We mean customization here. There are several ways to customize your order tracking page:

  1. Include your company branding to turn the order tracking page into a great marketing opportunity (for example, you can use your company logo, color, and font).
  2. Add links to your company's social media accounts;
  3. Include FAQs, instructions, or helpful information about your products. Also include your customer support channels;
  4. If you have a mobile app for your online store, here is the best place to include it;
  5. Consider adding calls to action on your order tracking page. Since users check this page several times per day, there is a good chance they will be interested in the actions you suggest.
  • Special offers.

Place an exclusive offer on the order tracking page to attract more customers. Cool Tip: Add urgency to these discounts and offers by noting how long they last. You can also add a countdown.

  • Product recommendations.

Consider including a selection of additional product recommendations on your order tracking pages. This is a great free advertisement for recommended products.

Every time they visit the order tracking page, customers will find your recommendations more and more attractive to make a new purchase.

Trackr, the Shopify order tracking app, has all the features to easily create a great order tracking page. Using Trackr,  you can encourage repeat purchases with an order tracking page. In addition, an order tracking page can help you build engagement with your customers and increase brand loyalty and customer lifecycle value.

Examples of stunning order tracking pages design

  1. Victoria’s Secret
Victoria's Secret

Due to the careful distribution of order delivery stages, the Victoria's Secret order tracking page answers all kinds of questions customers may have before they even think about contacting customer service.

2. Glossier


Glossier hooked me with its unusual graphic solution! In addition to recommended products for, Glossier offers helpful resources, including a shipping FAQ page. Agree, such a section is not often found.

3. Ugg


It looks like an unattractive order tracking page. But what's special? Ugg offers an option for notifications in text messages. This is a great marketing opportunity as this order tracking page allows you to get customer phone numbers. These numbers will later be used for various marketing campaigns.

4. Aerie


The top of the Aerie order tracking page does a lot of work. By including the ability to rate both your shipping experience and write a review of your purchases with a simple design, this order tracking page can easily include multiple calls to actions with little effort.

5. REI


The REI order tracking page is a great example of consistent branding. Here, REI uses a simple no-frills brand design. Offers multiple calls to action (CTA) at the bottom:  one for company feedback, another for adding to your email list. REI came up with a perfectly designed order tracking page.

6. Footlocker


Footlocker's order tracking page uses some great practices. For example, great graphics and several CTAs, special offers and discounts, and even personal product recommendations.

7. Goldbelly


Goldbelly has incorporated a moveable map on their order tracking page. The page also offers a loyalty program with CTA in the form of the “Earn Belly Rewards!” banner. This is a page that users will come back to again and again just because of its interactive design.


In today's world, eCommerce order tracking has become a standard offering. If your eCommerce business isn't providing this essential service, you're probably missing out on an opportunity to create a positive experience for your customers.

With a customized order tracking page, your brand can convey the voice and image of your brand, as opposed to boring shipping companies tracking pages. You can also use it as an additional marketing opportunity to reach your customers.

Hope our list of examples will inspire you and with the help of the Track app you will create an unique stunning Shopify order tracking page to improve your customer experience.


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