Trackr Update: Easily Handle Shopify Returns With the Best Tracking App

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Trackr Update: Easily Handle Shopify Returns With the Best Tracking App

Returns happen! And it’s normal. No matter how informative your product descriptions are, how high quality your images are, and how good your products are in general, you still have to deal with customers who want to return their purchase.

In fact, some customers deliberately purchase multiple variations of a product, intending to keep only one and return the rest.

That’s why Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is a must for any eCommerce store. With the RMA system in place, you’ll be able to handle Shopify returns easily without having to waste tons of time.

What is RMA?

The RMA is part of the post-purchase service that the store provides to its customers as part of its return policy. This is usually the first step in a situation where the buyer wishes to return the purchased product to the store.

It is an important approach to managing returns in an online shop. It typically consists of a return form that customers fill out and the reason for the return. Documents are then created (for example, a label on a package) to expedite the return of the goods.

The RMA system also allows you to track Shopify returns by reintroducing eligible items to your store and helping you track the financial impact of refunds on overall sales.

Reasons to use RMA

The average product return rate for online businesses is 18.1%. Including a return and exchange system in this process benefits both eCommerce and their customers.

If you are not using the RMA, you should definitely consider implementing this system. We've rounded up reasons to use it in your store. Read on to find out!

  • Collect information.

First, the question is: why is this product being returned? With the return and exchange system, you can provide a list of reasons for a return and let the customer choose one of them. You can also request additional information from the customer as needed. The information you collect can help you decide how to deal with a Shopify return and how best to handle the situation without resorting to emails and phone calls.

  • Evaluation of the condition of the returned goods.

Obviously, before accepting a return, you must inspect the product and evaluate it. Since you are selling online, the only way to do this is to require the buyer to send clear photos of the product. Some RMA systems will have built-in support for uploading images, making this task much easier.

With the ability to upload images, you will be able to determine if the item is in good enough condition to be resold. It will also help protect you from fraudulent returns. For example, a common situation is when a customer claims that the item is still unopened and unused, but in fact returns it in an unacceptable condition.

  • Improvements.

Always pay attention to what customers tell you when they return your items. If you identify repetition among the reasons for a return, you will have an idea of the areas where your store can improve.

If you fix these problems, you'll notice a decrease in returns for those products. For example, if customers who return a particular item almost always prefer to exchange it for a similar product, you may need to edit the description to help future customers find exactly what they need.

Trackr RMA feature

We know a lot of people have been waiting for this, so we are glad to announce that the Trackr app has Return and Exchange feature now. What does it mean? It means you can use your favorite Trackr app not only to provide your customers with real-time order tracking information, but also to handle Shopify returns easily without having to install an additional app.

To enable RMA, go to Trackr app > Settings > Returns.

Here you can add the necessary settings:

  • define return period (maximum 60 days by Shopify restrictions),
  • enable return auto approval feature (if needed),
  • add custom message to display when return period is over,
  • add the return policy or a link to it.
RMA enabling process

With the help of our real-time order tracking app, your customers can initiate the return process without having to contact you. They just need to go to the Return and Exchange Portal on your website and complete the special form. Find more details here.

Return and Exchange portal

Once customers submit the return form, your store admin will receive email notification about the new RMA request. If auto approve is not enabled in the app admin, you should manually approve/decline the return request.

Return request

Once the information is submitted, customers can come back to the Returns & Exchanges page to check the return status. The status can be Requested, Open, Declined, Canceled, Closed.

If auto approve is not enabled, customers will get the Requested Status first. Once your admin approves or declines the return request, the status displayed on the Returns & Exchanges page will be changed accordingly.


Trackr is not only the best real-time order tracking solution, but also a truly time-saving returns management system.

Our team is constantly working on new ways to develop our app as well as to improve the experience of our customers. We are glad you chose us; you inspire us to become better. Thank you!


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