Where Is My Order? - Get Rid Of Such Tickets With A Powerful Shopify App

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Where Is My Order? - Get Rid Of Such Tickets With A Powerful Shopify App

To work on Shopify store support can be a tough row to hoe as you have to deal with the avalanche of tickets every day. So it is very disappointing to understand that a huge piece of time you spend answering common post-purchase questions due to an unorganized tracking and notification system. According to the statistics, the number #1 question from support tickets is “Where is my order?” and its variations like “How can I track my international parcel?”, “Have you lost my order?”, etc.

And it’s quite expectable if your customers don’t get or don’t know how to get the relevant information about the parcel shipment. Tracking is an important part of customer service, so if you don’t pay it much attention, it will harm your brand reputation. The below you can find the level of customer service and the tracking requirements to achieve this level.

Bad Post-Purchase Service

You give customers the tracking number and the link with the order completion and now it’s customers’ duty to track it. If they lose this information, you’ll send it to them again.

Such service will bring nothing but doubts whether to purchase anything on this store once again.

Good Post-Purchase Service

You have a tracking page on your store, so customers can find their delivery status anytime by checking it online with a tracking number.

Excellent Post-Purchase Service

You keep customers aware of the latest delivery status via email, so they don’t track it themselves. This simple practice reduces customers' worries and doubts even if their parcel is delayed.

And we have good news! The Shopify app store has a bunch of solutions to support great post-purchase service in your store.

What Shopify order tracking app to choose?

One of the best apps to provide the most recent and detailed information on customer orders is Parcel Trackr. It’s a powerful solution, which allows merchants to add and customize a tracking page on their Shopify store, collect and display the order data in real time, and notify customers about the delivery status in one of four available languages: English, French, Spanish or Italian.

Reasons to choose Trackr:

  • Automatic order tracking from 900 carriers around the world;
  • Customizable tracking page to perfectly suit your store design;
  • Customizable email notifications to suit your business needs;
  • Tracking link in email templates to improve customer experience;
  • Estimated delivery time option to give your customers a sense of control;
  • Tracking info translation to make sure your customers understand all necessary data even if the courier is Chinese;
  • Hide carriers option to exclude any information about parcel location from tracking page while the package is in China;
  • Automatic order status updates.
    Install Parcel Trackr and never meet “where’s my order” questions again!

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