Why you need Global Parcel Tracking in 2022: Clear Statistics based on facts

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Why you need Global Parcel Tracking in 2022: Clear Statistics based on facts

Having the right tools to track international shipments is really important for any ecommerce business. Even though it is relatively easy to get customers to buy your beautiful products from your ecommerce store. But the first step to establish your credibility and trustworthiness as a business should be taken long before the parcel reaches the customer.

In the interval between ordering and receiving the package, the buyer feels anxiety and even doubt after purchase. Regardless of the value, uniqueness, or even quality of your product, a customer who has no experience with your brand will feel the excitement.

With over 70% of ecommerce customers verifying delivery status more than once, it's important to provide parcel tracking information  with quick access so that customers can calm their 'neet it now tracking' feeling.

Providing customers with accurate tracking information is essential. Around 96% of ecommerce business customers agree that their shipping experience affects their brand loyalty, and over 80% agreed they would never return to business after a negative shipping experience.

How does Global Parcel tracking work?

Global package tracking for your e-commerce business is made easy with parcel tracking apps that provide both you and your customers with the real-time order tracking information. Order tracking is a useful feature that helps you locate your packages with tracking numbers from the moment they leave your warehouse to their destination.

Parcel tracking apps allow you to track the status of your delivery and notify your customers via SMS and emails. Providing your customer with real-time updates and shipping information will help you increase brand engagement.

Shipping companies encode all shipping information related to a package as tracking numbers, which contain all information about the package and allow it to be tracked. The tracking number is a handy shorthand code that ensures that everyone involved in the various stages of a shipment receives the same information.

International Shipment Tracking Stages for Ecommerce Merchants

There are three main stages for ecommerce shipping tracking for international orders.

  1. The first stage is logistics. At this stage, carriers use real-time GPS trackers for all their orders shipped across borders. This helps keep information up-to-date about when the shipment should depart, as well as where and when it should arrive.
  2. Transportation is the second stage. At this stage, it is provided with the information about the mode of transport your goods are delivered, track them during the transportation, as well as it indicates the places to and from where it is planned to be picked up. Updates are usually provided through a courier partner.
  3. Last Mile.  This stage is the final one before home delivery. Here you can track your package from the destination warehouse until it reaches the consumer. According to the survey, customers check the status of an order more than three times the day before or on the day it should be delivered. This pretty much presents a window for brand visibility through user interaction.
International Shipment Tracking Stages

Reasons you need Global Parcel Tracking

Undoubtedly, it is important to track all types of shipments. But let's discuss some of the reasons why international shipments need to be tracked.

  • Stay Calm.

Knowing that you can track your shipment in real-time during transit gives you the confidence that your orders will get to where they need to be. This confidence works both ways - for the sender and the customer. With regular updates on both ends, you won't get tons of emails or a million angry requests regarding the order. 84% of customers want to track orders in real time and receive notification throughout the shipping process.

  • Communication improvement.

With updated order tracking information, there is an effective line of communication between online retailers, courier companies and customers. This is incredibly useful for keeping your business running smoothly.

  • Building trust.

The reason you should know why you need global parcel tracking is because it helps build trust in your customers. When your customers are confident that they will always know the status of their orders, they will trust your brand more. This, in turn, can increase customer loyalty and increase sales for your business. And with a Parcel Trackr order tracking app, providing information to customers will be even easier.

  • Improve customer service.

Customers feel happier and more confident when you can provide them with accurate information about their orders, especially in transit. With tracking, you can give them updates regarding the location of their package, delivery status, and any other relevant information they might need.

In addition, providing such information with the help of tracking apps will significantly reduce the burden on you and/or your customer service, since customers will always be able to find information related to the order on the separate page of your online store.

  • Delay minimization.

When you track your customers' orders, this helps you detect any potential delays and in turn gives you enough time to take action early on to fix those delays or appease your customers.

According to our recent survey, 59% of customers would no longer shop at a store where they had a delivery problem. The same survey states that 34% of the customers will never make a new purchase from a brand whose delivery was late.

Tracking systems help you to minimize shipping delays.
Tracking systems help you to minimize shipping delays. 
  • Ability to plan.

For retailers asking why global tracking is important, you should know that international shipment tracking is a bonus feature to help you plan your shipments, resulting in more efficient order fulfillment.

  • Spending limits.

By tracking international shipments, you are able to get a clearer picture of the logistic process. This will help you to exclude weak connections and in turn, save money that would otherwise have been spent unnecessarily.

In addition to the above reasons, global parcel tracking will allow you to better control the fulfillment, avoid unnecessary confrontations with customers and reduce delivery-related disruptions.


Global package tracking is no longer something exclusive that only major well-known brands provide. Online retailers actively track international shipments, since this offers a lot of benefits, including allowing them to stay ahead of the competition and giving their customers peace of mind as well as improving customer service.

And the Parcel Tracker Tracking app is the best choice for your Shopify store to help you to implement the proper international tracking strategy and reach your goals easily. The only doubt you may face is which plan meets your needs. Find our pricing here.


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