4 Reasons Trackr Is the Best Tracking App for Shopify

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4 Reasons Trackr Is the Best Tracking App for Shopify

Parcel and shipment tracking can be critical for eCommerce to deliver a shopping experience that meets customer expectations. Having said that, using tracking apps should become an essential part of your online store.

According to our recent survey, 59% of customers would no longer shop at a store where they had a delivery problem. The same survey states that 34% of the customers will never make a new purchase from a brand whose delivery was late.

Customers expect to have information about expected delivery dates and shipmеnt updates as soon as they оrder a product from your online stоre. This information puts customers at ease, so providing tracking information at the earliest with timely updates can go a long way in improving your customer satisfaction.

Tracking: does it matter to you?

The order tracking system is the tracking of the delivery status and the movement of the order after the purchase. The prоcess оccurs by generating a tracking cоde that allоws your customers and you to track the transportation of the order until it arrives at the address specified by the customer.

Order tracking system

Custоmer expectatiоns are pretty high when they make purchases online. After customers complete their orders, they automatically activate an ‘imaginary timer' and want to know where the product is. At this pоint, tracking app helps to minimize the pоssible negative consequences of these expectations.

This makes tracking an important element, bоth for its impact оn the customer experience and for suppоrting the monitoring of logistics processes.

Reasons to provide оrder tracking

Nowadays ecommerce order tracking is considered a crucial service for every ecommerce company. There are several benefits for direct-to-consumer brands as well as their customers.

  • Save both Money and Time.

Its nо secret that dealing with customer complaints or requests is quite expensive in the long term perspective. Eventually, you will need tо hire a customer support team or use a chat-bot to react to every single complaint. If you miss this out, yоur custоmer feedback may suffer.

But using ecоmmerce оrder tracking may significantly reduce customer requests. Once Parcel Tracker is installed, all tracking informatiоn is automatically provided to yоur custоmers. In case you run into any problems, you can easily browse through all the orders to find what you need.

Parcel Tracker transforms the process, reducing the burden on your customer support team without sacrificing quality. Since you are able to save time and money, you have more possibilities to invest in other ways to improve your customer satisfaction.

  • Surpass customers expectations.

Every other customer prefers the possibility to check their orders throughout every step of the shipping process. Customers are unmistakably used to having a high level of transparency of their orders. Having an ecommerce order tracking is a must-have for your shop if you don’t want to lose your customers and image to more major retailers.

In case you are not ready to provide a high level of service, your customers will probably notice this, which can lead to a decrease in trust, thereby decreasing sales. Providing order tracking that gives your customers the up-to-date information regarding the orders, their expectations are met, and they are more likely to leave you a good review, buy from you again, or advise your brand to their friends.

  • More ability to control fulfillment.

Using the order tracking, you will have more control over the order fulfillment process and can quickly resolve any issues that arise. Without a tracking system, some important information can be missed and as a result a huge amount of the customers' requests may appear.

The correct ecommerce fulfillment policy, which includes order tracking information, may reduce issues and in addition increase the lifespan value of your customers and gain more sales.

3 Reasons to choose Trackr App for Shopify

Let’s discuss the main reasons why Parcel Trackr is the best tracking app for your business.

  1. Real-time Order Tracking info from 900+ carriers.

Currently, tracking orders is not only about getting estimated delivery time, but also the opportunity to check every step throughout the shipping process. Instead of sending customers the approximate delivery time frame of their orders, you can provide them with a link that shows where their order is right now, as well as the exact delivery time.

In our customer-focused time, providing on-time delivery with transparency is the main feature to increase customer satisfaction level. 84% of customers want to track orders in real time and receive notification throughout the shipping process.

Importance of real time order tracking survey

Thus, keeping in touch with the customers is a fundamental principle in today’s extremely competitive business.

2. Branded tracking page.

Trackr, a Shopify tracking app, allows customers to see their order tracking information on a page you customize with your store branding elements, such as your logo, colors, useful links, and even more details you prefer to add.

The branded order tracking pages are more effective to entice customers for repeat purchases than just an ordinary tracking page. Customers feel your attention throughout the purchasing process: from placing the order till receiving the tracking information. All the details remind the customers about your brand even during the shipping process.

3. Ability to ‘hide’ carriers for dropshippers.

Undoubtedly, the phenomenon of the quality of goods was once tied to certain countries. The richer the country, the better the quality of the produced goods. But globalization quickly led to the standardization of production processes, which meant the equation of the quality of goods, the average level of household goods became noticeably higher.

China has rapidly become the world's factory, producing almost every product you can imagine: textiles and clothing, electronics and industrial machinery, automobiles and furniture. China's domestic market is huge, but most of the goods are sent to other parts of the world, as they are produced for foreign companies. The most famous example is AliExpress.

Also it’s a favorite supplier for dropshippers. Dropshipping with Aliexpress is a perfect opportunity for your ecommerce business. You can access a huge variety of unique products without inventory and shipping issues.

Despite all these facts, there are a lot of  customers who are still afraid of the "Made in China" mark. Unfortunately, it is still easier for some people to believe that all goods from Europe or America are noticeably better than from other countries of the world, but in fact this is not so.

Especially for such cases, our best tracking app offers the "Hide carriers" feature for dropshippers. This feature is used to hide the names and locations of all carriers as a part of delivery status information, while the package is in China. As soon as the order arrives at the destination country, all tracking information becomes available to the customer.

4.  Analytics Dashboard

Our new feature: Real-time analytics dashboard that allows you to get all the necessary information in just a few steps.

There are 4 sections where you can easily manage the number of tracking used and available as well as your current Trackr Plan. It also provides you with the analytics graphs that display the dates and total number of shipments of the store, as well as the rate of shipments related to different order statuses over the period of time.

To Sum Up

Providing the customer with the ability to track the order is a criterion for online sales transparency. From the customer's point of view, transparent shipping is the key to making sure the purchase from your store is the right decision.

Therefore, tracking with the Parcel Trackr may become the customer’s way of confirming that the purchased item is indeed on its way and there is nothing matter with the order.

Make your customers feel more confident with the best tracking app - Trackr!


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